About Me

Hi there! I'm Larissa, the face behind the camera of Pics by Riss Photography. 

I got my first camera when I was in 8th grade: a little red Nikon-Cool Pix point and shoot camera. I was ecstatic. That's when the blog started: I wanted a place to put all of my pictures. I'm pretty sure my Mom and Grandma were the only ones who looked at it. Maybe they still are. So this whole photography thing... just kind of started by accident. It came about from my little red camera (which I no longer have... who knew you had to put the right kind of batteries in your point and shoot?!). I started getting critical of my point and shoot pictures, and eventually I wanted better pictures. Eventually I purchased a basic DSLR and Slowly I've started learning how to use it, along with Photoshop & Lightroom. Through the process people have asked me to do pictures for them, and that's how Pics By Riss emerged. It has been an evolving hobby... I am learning as I go, changing my processes as I learn new tricks, having fun all the while. I've met a lot of fun people along the way, maybe you will be next! 


A Picture is worth a thousand words. Contact me to document your story: