Pictured Rocks

My favorite time of year- exams. Not. I must be crazy, or an extreme procrastinator. Either way, I'm just plain tired of working so a 5 minute catch up post of pictures I have been wanting to share. All summer I wanted to go to pictured rocks. Initially Tyler and I were going to stop on the drive back up to school for the semester, but it didn't pan out so we waited. Until Labor Day. And we didn't call ahead. BIG mistake. So we didn't make it on a boat tour, and the kayak rentals were sold out as well. So we decided on a little 3 mile hike out to the rocks. It was a gorgeous day, and even though we didn't get to see the "big picture," the spot we were at was pretty neat. We were able to jump right off some of the ledges.
This was also the day that my camera started acting up, and finally pushed me to bite the bullet and get a new one. So here are a few of the 7 pictures I was able to take. 

And then the camera died. 
Have I mentioned I love my new one? :)

Happy Wednesday