Charlie & Kaitlin: Engaged

Charley and Kaitlin got engaged earlier this summer. They were on their way back from a trip when Charley surprised Kaitlin at a stop for the day in Duluth :) When Kaitlin asked me about doing engagement pictures as well as wedding pictures, I told her to come up with a few ideas of places that she might like to do them. We made an afternoon of it, stopping at 3 different places.

We started out meeting up at Covered Drive:


Charley & Kaitlin were both naturals in front of the camera, which made it a very fun afternoon for me!


Kaitlin & Charley are just so special to each other, you can tell just in the way that they look at each other. If I had to sum them up in one word: Laughter. They just do nothing but laugh and smile when they are together, I'm sure all of their friends would agree with me. Not only that but it's contagious! I found myself laughing right along with them. If I had to pick a favorite from the day, this one might be my very top. Its a tough call though. 


After Covered drive our next stop was Cyberia Cafe in downtown Houghton. They wanted to incorporate that into their pictures because they went there often!


Charley wanted to play a game of Checkers.


We moved down by the water where Charley pulled out his guitar because "That's how he won her over" (his words). Love it!


For our last stop we headed to the top of Ripley. Hands down another tied for favorite:

Like I said- always laughing :) Of course Charley had to ham it up a little. His exaggerated flip here cracks me up. Somewhere around this point I asked them how many more days until the big day. Their responses both were "fifty something.... but way too many!" 

Another one of their favorite spots:

They have so much fun together :)


Kaitlin's turn to flip Charley


Thank you, Kaitlin & Charley for a fun afternoon! I am looking forward to your November wedding! :)