Boundary Waters Camping

At the end of September Laura, Miranda, Morgan, Lydia, Brooke, Brianna D. & I met Miss, Stephanie & Kari at the North Shore for a quick Canoeing/camping weekend. It was one of the best camping trips to date. We met them in Duluth and all drove north together.

WARNING: there are some very groggy, ungroomed people pictured in the photos below

Grocery store stop

Grocery store stop

At one point there was some sort of money argument (it may or may not have lasted over an hour...). Once that was settled we took off to go canoeing. We had one too many for them to sell us a permit, but there was another lake we were able to go on together in 3 canoes. 

The best part of the whole day was this:
The lady renting us the canoes gave us a tip about a hike to do- there was a small patch we could pull our canoes up and follow the path where we come to the road, and then take another path up to a short but beautiful view- honeymoon bluff. So we huffed and we puffed along, taking in the scenes. Finally we found the clearing. After piling everyone out & stopping for a few bathroom breaks, we trekked up the trail. the kicker was when we got to the road- we were directly across from the campground entrance. We drove 20 minutes, and then canoed for an hour just to come back to the campground and do a hike that we could have walked to in 3 minutes. Imagine the looks on some of the faces... It was too priceless. We did the hike anyway and ate our lunchables before bringing the canoes back. Morgan was the only one who brought a phone for photos:


The maps came out at one point...


Our campground...

Back at the campground...

I think these two images sum up the weekend: A LOT of laughs. 

The moose viewing trail... though we were way to loud to dream of seeing one...

The whole crew:

Sunday morning sunrise: