Evan & Grace: Engaged

Last Weekend we lucked out with another beautiful day! It was almost 40 degrees and sunny! It was awesome. And Evan and Grace were awesome. Grace had all sorts of outfits and fun props and great ideas! And Evan had a LOT of patience. You can tell just by the way they talk to each other, Grace & Evan balance each other out. I could see that after spending only a couple of hours with them, but I'm sure their family & friends would agree that they really are perfect for each other.

When Grace asked me to take her pictures, I will admit I actually had to look her up on Facebook. After we met the first time I was sure that had we lived near each other, we would have been friends. We both joked that neither one of us actually knew each other well- funny how that happens when you run in different circles with different people. That's one thing I love about doing this- I get to meet a lot of different people I never would have known otherwise!

I met Grace & Evan at her parents house where we headed up towards Copper Harbor, making several stops at different spots along the way.


Evan & Grace were engaged on Christmas day. Evan had given Grace some snow shoes for Christmas, and offered to help her put them on. As he got down on the ground to help her, suddenly a ring appeared! :) I thought it was very fitting that they brought snow shoes to incorporate into their pictures.


Grace had a fun picnic of Coffee and Brownies, so once we made it to Copper Harbor they took a picnic "break" 


On the Way back, Grace requested that we stop at an ice cream shop near her house that she worked at since she was old enough to have a job. Evan used to come and visit her here while she was working. I am SO glad she asked, as these turned out to be some of my favorite pictures of the Day.

Congratulations Grace & Evan, I am looking forward to your Wedding!