Spring Break 2016

This year over break Morgan, Miranda, Brianna, Laura & I met Miss & Kari in Florida. We could not have handpicked better weather if we wanted to- it was gorgeous. We soaked up the sun every single day; we did nothing. It was absolutely glorious. And then we came back to reality with the St. Patrick's day storm last week. I guess all good things come to an end right? The Spring countdown is on!

We started with a trip to Milwaukee where we caught our first flight. Never mind the fact that 3 of the 5 pulled an all-nighter the night before, and 2 got hardly any sleep at all.


Can you guess which ones pulled all nighters: 


Most of the pictures we took were on phones, so I don't actually have that many.  The pool:


Our condo faced the intercoastal side rather than the Ocean, but we spent enough time at the beach not to care.

The elevator in this place was old, and SKETCHY to put it nicely. There were signs about it breaking down and not pushing buttons... we were on the 7th (top) floor, but we (Lois & I especially) took the stairs most of the time. It did end up breaking down once when we were there.. thank goodness none of us were in there.

We were basically in a retirement community, so the beach was pretty bare a lot of the time!

Unfortunately Miss & Kari couldn't stay a whole week- they ended up going home on Tuesday. One group shot before they left:

This picture just about sums these 2 up:
They may or may not have gotten locked out on the balcony one night...

There isn't really much to tell about some of this- every day was about the same. Wake up- some of the runners ran, put on sunscreen, go out to the pool/beach by 9:00am, come in at lunch to eat, and go back out until 4:00. Catch a sunset. Go back inside, eat some more, visit some more, play a few games, go to bed. Repeat. Literally, it was one of the most relaxing vacations ever. We did take our crappy Nissan rental car (literally the thing had crank down windows... that's a story for another day) to Walmart and target a few times in the evening when we ran out of snacks or needed ice cream. Basically we just enjoyed the warm weather!

I got a few funny looks standing in the water to take these:

......we had a lot of laughs.

Almost a few too many... It was hard to keep the camera from shaking for this beauty:

I think we all needed a good week to recover after a week of Miranda & Morgan together. ;)

My only regret: every single morning some of us would walk down the beach. Every single morning I wished I had my camera, and every single morning I decided I would get up and go tomorrow. I waited until the end of the week and of course the last 2 mornings were cloudier so I missed the blue sky and blue water I was hoping for. 

Happy Wednesday.