Betsy & Trent: Engaged

Yesterday morning I met up with Betsy & Trent to squeeze in engagement photos before Trent had to fly back to MN that afternoon. Seriously. Morning light. AHHH! It was beautiful. 

Usually I have a hard time picking one photo out of a group to be a favorite. This time was an exception. There were several different ones that take a close second, but hands down this first photo is my absolute favorite.

Congratulations Betsy & Trent, I am looking forward to your fall wedding!

Joe & Janelle: Engaged

Sunday was Valentine's day, & fittingly enough, I met up with Janelle & Joe to do their enengagement pictures. After the initial excitement of seeing the sun that morning, I panicked. I was hoping for overcast and warm temps, but got full sun & a wind chill below zero. The wind was bitter, but we toughed it out. I met Joe & Janelle at Joe's house to start. The morning sun proved to be a lot more fun than I was expecting! Backlit photos are some of my favorites, though challenging.  

After taking a few photos we headed over to covered drive. It was much less windy there, and by 11:00 it had warmed up to about 8 degrees. Janelle has a contagious laugh, and it doesn't take much for Joe to bring it out. I had fun watching the two of them happy together :) It's crazy to see your friends start to get married. 

Congrats again, Joe & Janelle. I can't wait for your May wedding!


This one might be my favorite...Color or Black & White?


Congratulations Joe & Janelle, thank you for letting me take your pictures, & for putting up with the weather!