The Kangas Family

Last weekend while taking photos of Bruce & Michelle's kids, I also got to play with these 3 cuties. The older two were a little bit leery at first, but they warmed up by the end.



And of course, we can't forget about the newest member of the family, Mr. Elliot. :)

The Mccoll Family

Look who I got to play with the other weekend: 

These two were just too cute. Meet Kinsley (almost 1) and Cam (2).  I love Cam's laugh- he closes his eyes tight and mouth open wide- too funny. And Kinsley has the cutest expressions. Needless to say I had a lot of fun going through these pictures :)

The Larson's

We did their school/family photos not too long ago. So just because it's a black & white kind of day....




Luis (love his smirk)

And the youngest, Drew. This one doesn't match the theme I know, but I couldn't resist his dimples. You can practically hear him giggling... he was trying to copy his older brothers and didn't want to show his teeth in his smile.